Beauty Betrays

When the sight is real, the being is real
In the midst of all, what a beauty to behold
A combination of qualities that compel unending gaze
It defines the pleasure of the senses

Safes and codes have been broken by the enchantress
The system coordinates have seen the light of day
We glitter, we smile and we pursue
It is said, it is worth pursuing, therefore we pursue

A narrow road we have never tread upon
As beauty leads we trust in the formation played
The artistry of this beauty is magnificent
How do we conquer the feelings that push us?
We are in a realm that is so real

Morning and noon is here, we are filled with confidence
We are struck to the bone by beauty
Darkness is soon approaching, how can beauty be tested in the dark?
Here in the dark, we realized it was robbery
Character is a friend of beauty.
Beauty Betrays.

Written By: Matthew Deladem

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This Poems Story

This poem was written to strengthen relationships and marriages to trust whoever they are in union with without yielding to the temptation of going after any other person in search for a new relationship.