Beauty Beyond the Surface

I am nothing like a mere sunset-
Simple, enjoyable, beautiful to the eye
I am more like a deep, dark, mysterious ocean
But just as the ocean, people seem to take one glance
And walk away,
Not eager to discover the life that exists below the surface
But I too, have beauty beyond first glances.
I am full of passion, love,
Everything a person desires in life
But just as the ocean,
I am never given the chance of discovery-
Never given a chance to show the beauty that
Lies beneath my surface
As each day goes by, I tremble
Scared of the question that circles my mind:
Will anyone ever give me a chance,
Before walking away after a quick glance?
Or will I be alone,
To wither in this lonely world,
Soon to be nothing more than a memory
All because not a single being could look beyond-
Could see the beauty from within

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