Beauty For Ashes

Beauty for Ashes

Beauty for my ashes you told me so now I'm asking
What about my pain, you gave me love and I withstood the rain
beauty for my ashes

When my heart was dull and cold joy is what came and took a toll
When I was ashamed of my life grace came and now I'm alright
beauty for my ashes

When fear came and Satan himself because my own best friend
when I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel I knew then in there I should stay humble
from the roaring of a crow to the calmness of a dove you gave me peace what I almost lost control
beauty for my ashes

When family turn their backs, and I was left picking up pieces of what they lack,
you turn my frown back into a wonderful smile
Beauty for my ashes

When daddy left home, and I couldn't seem to find any love in this cold cruel world,
you reminded me of the one who died to save my soul
beauty for my ashes

When I couldn't see the picture in the frame, the one that everybody laughed at and it
drove me almost to go insane, that's when confidence came
beauty for my ashes

When suicide tried to be the death of me that's when you came to restore me, when I consumed
those pills inside of me I didn't know where in the world I would be, but when you brought light
back into my life, I knew then that I had no other choice but to fight
beauty for my ashes

When I was told that I would never be nothing, you made me into something,
when he told me I'll be good for nothing but laying on my back, you gave me
a diploma and I no longer have to turn back
beauty for my ashes

When I was stuck in the box being held captive from the things that wade me down,
when things took a turn for the worse, and my life got turned upside down, you turned
it back around beauty for my ashes

When I couldn't see the sunshine, cause all it did was rained, when I couldn't paint the
picture because I was the one who was trapped in the frame, that’s when you set me free
and loosed me from those chains
beauty for my ashes

When people tried to belittle me, the way they scandalized my name, pushed and pulled
and kicked so low, turned around and had nowhere else to go, threw my hands up and
said I can't take no more, that's when you showed me. That the hills are where my health
comes from beauty for my ashes

When everyone started acting shady, and I felt as though the whole world hated me,
that's when you stored in me hope and love and the chance to overcome all negatively
beauty for my ashes

Now that you set me free, opened up my eyes and I can finally see, you were the one that always believed in me took away my frown and allowed me to
have peace that’s what the Lord gave me
Beauty for my Ashes!

By:Eddwina Ward

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