Beauty In Sadness

beauty in sadness

Well, look at you all dancing into my little world out of nowhere. I do not know where you came from, but I'm glad you are here. My night, starting as an uninspired blank canvas was magically brushed into infinite beauty with an array of passionate colors, almost too beautiful to take in. You sweet, sweet masterpiece of all that inspires and electrifies, I'm alive with your all and overwhelmed with your doubt.

One only has to lock eyes once to see the true purity which you exude with each step, each breathe and each stride. Intoxicated by your eyes, dumbfounded by your sensuality, all that is good with the world is alive in each stride and I know I'm where I need to be. To touch you is to touch the heavens, to feel you is to feel the stars. One moment, one minute, one heartbeat, one kiss, I'm alive with this moment, in love with this song.

Fear not, little princess, this moment is timeless. The world doesn't stop just for our pleasure, but rules can be broken and life goes on hold. Your taste it consumes me, your scent drives me mad. Fear not little woman, this good can feel bad. Bad in a good way, the kind where you quiver, I hold you against me, from pain I deliver. Inhaling your magic, drunk on your musk, for dawn carries me over to the madness of dusk.

Then everything stops. The echos of silence, the chaos of madness, the light in her eyes, the beauty in sadness.

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i write whatever comes to me.. hope you enjoy