Beauty Is Of You

And if you want to run away, I wouldn't ask you to stay, I want to be with you. In this atrocity anew, please pull me through. This is my love for you. It's the end of the worst, it's the beginning of us new. Read my lips I'm petrified. The look into your eyes, wind up the clock I'm not going to stop. Being for you my fear my dear. Lock across the atmosphere, tearing up all the walls of this blue ball. Keeping up with those who need, settling in to the sea, oh my gosh I'm drowning. Without your anchor I'm full of fear, please pull me through this atmosphere. Yelling at you across the ocean, waving these Dior moments. Catastrophe, living with out the needles. I'm alive now can't you see, baby it's you and me. Your love is a blessing to me , darling can't you see? You're smile is calling home , I rush to the scene of your alone. I pick up the pieces of you and I. Our tower of scars can heal and open our minds. Two as one I do believe that me and you are meant for thee, discovering a new settling. Remind me im afraid, so let's walk this pain of words alike. You'll find out were the motion of this sky. Pull me through, so I can come home to you and slide my cold feet intertwine with your heart stay behind this line. Of our history, honey baby it's you and me. Pushing this wall of mine, let it crumble forcing our eyes to look afar, thats were we are, walk over the pieces of your past, it's built to last. Search for your enemies. Described like monsters lost in the sea. Look at the beauty in this life. Opening the door to thee. Forcing my lungs of air, with your love I will survive this tragedy of place. Look into my heart it's going to race. Our souls examined by the light. No darkness shall abide for it is not one but of two. Asking for only thus love anew, beauty is of you.

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