Beauty Meant For One

Somber willows bend
To touch their gnarled knees.
Faithful tree trunks stand
Against the angry breeze.
So who am I to question
Nature’s grander scheme?
I know there is a lesson
In this telling dream.

Slowly setting sun
Is painting wispy clouds.
Beauty meant for one,
Yet drawing in the crowds.
So what am I to gather,
From this dream of mine?
That love’s not free, but rather
Only just a sign.

Oceans rolling in
Are symptoms of the tide;
Just as growing sin –
Depravity slung wide.
Do lightning and the thunder
Just reflect the storm?
And is it love, I wonder,
That will keep us warm.

So the lesson learned
Is water’s very deep.
Forests do get burned
When Nature’s gone to sleep.
My dream is a reflection
Of a wondrous find -
That love is just a vision
Of the ties that bind.

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