Beauty of A Color

Poem # 1 Beauty Of A Color by Alisha Spires page 1

Purple is my favorite color because I deeply admire its appearance in it’s variety

of shades in nature, I am very clever, and I do not let others

others control me. This color smells like flowers blooming such as Lilacs, Lavender, Lilies,

Cosmos, Crocuses, Orchard; and Butterfly Brush. It looks as if it would appear to

be a luminescent color in the sunshine as it is glowing in a

variety of it’s shades such as Magenta, Indigo, Iris, Heather, Periwinkle, Fuschia, and Violet in

the bright florescent sunlight. This color of flowers make me feel joy, it’s beauty in

my eye of charm, enjoy my cheerful mood as I am enjoying

my great life in the fresh air of the springtime. As I look at this color among nature such as the

scenery of this purple flowers, it will make me smile as if it almost brings me to tears.

Purple is the color which is the most common color which

portray in human imaginations as they run wild. Purple is allowing me to feel my everlasting

love for it because this color is fascinating amongst beautiful

purple flowers and in my secretly charming thoughts. Purple is thought to look like the most

fashionable and elegant color of dressy clothing to wear as

an outfit. The way people view dressy purple clothing causes purple to boost their self esteem in

themselves making their feelings devine. Purple compels me to feel more higher spirited

mood and show alot more of my artistic ability when I use it

to color instead of other colors which adds my creativity to my artwork. Anything that is this

color intices me to have a more stronger attraction to the object

even if I really don’t care for anything that is purple. As I use this color in my pieces of artwork,

this color visually expresses my ambition to work like a very productive artist using this

color to make thelmself enjoy the feeling of pride more often than

the other colors they may use to create their creative paintings. I feel the purple flowers which I

normally see in outdoor scenery appear like they are the most precious treasures to find

or collect on Earth. As I compare it to other colors, purple gives me

more desire to make the most creative pieces artwork which I’ve have not created before. Purple

taste like savory icecream, juicy fruit, mouthwatering grape nerds, and blue cotton candy.

Purple sounds like laser tag light beams, luminescent Christmas lights,

and booming fireworks. Purple is in my eyesight of the Gildan T brand, Croft and Barrow Dress

Shirts, New Day Dresses, Sonoma Good For Life Tops, Adidas; Sport T Shirts and Tek

Gear Fleece Sweatshirts. Purple is healing to me because lavender gives

me a much stronger feeling of calmness, happiness, and harmony. Purple continues to improve

the quality of my personality just because it is my favorite color and it falls more close to

the color red to express my determination to stay motivated, my zodiac’s

symbol of the month of March, my energy to never give up, and my desire to become even more

destined to achieve my life’s goals to the fullest.

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