Beauty of Nature

Beauty of nature, we all love to see,
From tiny insect to exotic tree.
So much life and diversity,
You can learn more, at university.

Our environment, keeps us alive,
We must protect it, for society to thrive.
Creates oxygen, that we all consume,
What's more prettier, than a flower bloom?

We must combat, deforestation,
It is the duty of every single nation.
Let's begin, by fighting pollution,
Think together, to find a solution.

Climate change, we need to control,
What about that ozone hole?
We must remember, to respect and cherish,
If we don't, nature shall perish.Our love for nature, has its roots,
It offers life, it offers fruits.
Not just beauty, it's way beyond,
A peaceful lake or just a pond.

Our love for nature, keeps us close,
Rocks erode, as the river flows.
From a hilltop, to the sea,
Towards the sky, grows a tree.

Our love for nature, gives us peace,
Seasons change, flying geese.
Nature shall thrive, if we combine,
Your love for it, along with mine. Mother Nature nurtures earth,
This eventually leads to birth.
What does life truly need?
On Mother Nature, it does feed.

Fertility - brings our lands,
Fills our very needy hands.
We expect and depend,
Precious resources readily spend.

From the clouds to the sea,
With Mother Nature we agree,
For as long as humans live,
Mother Nature, will always give.

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