Because I Care

Scolding in your ear, so unclear on
What's my purpose
All you see is pointing fingers, screaming lips,
Bolded words, you say I don't deserve this.
Is it over? Where's my hug and the love we're supposed to share
Getting driven up the wall with all this yelling, it's not fair!
Tough love, can't you hear, it's just because I care.
Cover your ears and stomp your feet
You're raising the tempo
Trying to drown out my beat.
Declaring my win, still pleading your case
I triumph with experience
Useless reasoning has no space.
Carry on with this speech, no feelings to spare
I'll spell it in these Christmas lights
It's just because I care.
Ear-bleeding words to bloodshot eyes
Shoving love and pain into your heart
Simply eases right off every time someone cries.
Restrain from a punch or a facial high-five
Creeping fiery I can feel
Don't get the message, you need to survive.
Additional agony I can not bear
This tornado will bring down the house, you just don't get it
It's just because I care!

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