Because I Found Myself

I found myself, under the recent debris,
I took a look inside the cracked mirror that I had broken.
My thoughts were clouded and my heart ached.
After years of being beaten down by a man,
who deserved less than a glance, I found myself.
I found myself with a strength I didn't know I had, because,
for the first time since I was young,I knew me.
I was more than a whore. I was more than worthless.
I was better than letting a man cheat on me.
God bless the next girl, lord knows he'll do the same to her.
He told me, "You're the reason I want to commit suicide" ,
"You're the reason this gun is to my head."
In front of my face he showed no fear,
but after years of the same old story,
you realize, he's a liar and a fake, and you're not to blame.
So you stand up, with a smile on your face and you say "Do it."
With a guilty heart, you hope you made the right choice.
Of course he doesn't pull the trigger, and you,
for the first time, in 5 long years, realize,
no matter how weak he made you feel, you're stronger than him.
So you break everything that reminds you of the names he called you,
and all the women he brought to your bed while you were away,
and you look into the piece of broken mirror,
that you cried into for five years.
And you smile. and you find yourself.
A good woman, an honest woman, a strong woman.

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