Because I Love You

How many times will I have to tell you?
How many times will you bring me down?
I was just so sure you felt it too.
I guess when it comes to lying, you take the crown.

Why do you insist on fighting?
Why does every night have to be like this?
We fight like animals, metaphorically biting.
We should just end this with “I’m sorry” and a kiss.

But I can’t ask you to lie to me.
I can’t ask you to pretend to love me.
I see it in your eyes.
I see the hate.

I’m the person you’ve grown to despise.
I’m the person that makes you curse fate.
If only you hadn’t met me, you say.
If only I wasn’t part of your life.

I guess, if you feel really that way,
I’d give my life to make you happy, any day.

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