Because Its Life

Life is waking up to the rise of the sun,
peaking through your bedroom window.
It's the rainfall that quenches the thirst of Abe, an African boy.
On Christmas Eve,
it's hoping that snow will fall and compliment
the gifts beneath the tree.
It's the unanticipated knocking of hail at your front door,
like a relative you haven't seen in years.
Life is trying to dodge the fog which restricts our visibility
and attempts to hinder our progression.
Due to the inability to be vanquished by fog here comes the storm
covering the sky and discharging numerous blows.
The villains known as hurricane, tornado and earthquake join together
and take numerous lives.
But you're still alive because it's life.
The sunset inspires the perfect scenario for a candle light dinner.
a celebration for another day on planet earth.
Night crawls up as the mediator between sunset and sunrise.
Eventually passing the baton to sunrise to finish the race.
Then you wake up to the rise of the sun
peaking through your bedroom window

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