Because Of What You Done

Be thankful that I'm only sewing you
cause its not really what I want to do
money cant make up for what you destroyed
when I was a traumatized confused child
you manipulated me to think that I was to blame
I went to you for help and you were so cruel
I told you that my life was suffering and you said
that I deserved to.
Do you realize that your cruelty hurt me more
than Muhammad ever did
You were the one that I trusted you were the one
who tried throwing me away.
If not for that little boy who saw me and called
the police to save me
I would be dead
Why did you lie to my mother
and protect Muhammad from police finding me
you could of saved my life so easily that day
I was your employee why did you choose to help
Muhammad hurt me by looking away
After you told me that it was my own fault
what did I do to deserve
being bared in the ground
My life was destroyed that day
I know it don't matter to you
you helped make it that way
You think that you got away with it
you only have up until now cause
I was to traumatized to defend myself
But now I'm gonna fight to make you responsable
for what you did.
I was an innocent child your employee
I wasn't born with a mental disability
but because of you I half to live with one

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