Because of You

I sit in this room
And I think of my life
I think of my future
My children and wife

But why am I here
what am I doing
Am living a life
That one day I'm losing

These are questions
Coming from me
A Christian that's dedicated
An American that's "free"

Am I playing myself
To have a plan of my own
I live like its reality
But its unknown

Reality is different
I've learned while I've grown
I have no control where I go
Its a mystery not shown

Because there is only one way
I just gotta live
A life of obedience
And ask God to forgive

Because I can't hide
My sins to deep
I can't climb out of it
To the lord I will weep
And I will stand on my feet
And Ill ask Jesus
as he rises from his seat
Why am I here, I'm so unworthy
Why'd you die for me
You were perfect and I was dirty

You're love is something I can't understand
Why can't I handle life
You'd say because im just a man
But I still should be accountable

I've doubted you and done wrong
But you would forgive me
And tell me to stay strong.
Thank you just isn't enough

I owe you my life
I'm worthy of nothing
More then a knife
Because of you I can live for eternity
Because of you I dont have to worry
You're the true MVP
I accept no glory

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