Because Of You

I realized you were the root of all my problems. i became
you in sense of repeated history. you were the reason i
became his mystery, it didn’t make sense to me. i
embedded the phrase, “you gave me” and put it as you
being the cold-hearted despicable human being you’ve
always been. you don’t win. nor do you get to explain as
to why you did it. you already destroyed it, you got rid of
it. you were the enemy and you played innocent so no one
would know your heart was really heartless. nothing more
than a vicious concubine, you replaced yourself and made
me the subservient sexually. you destroyed a world of
pure and clean and became the wicked witch, yes you are
evillean. i despised you for years, my body filled withmuch hatred. you left me torn apart, my limbs so vacant.
where were you for years as I cried through tears
entrusting you with all my fears. you’re not kind. you are
the fraud who leaves the soldiers to fight the battle
watching pain terrorizing them mercisly, yet you are the
one who thinks you deserve the trophy. shamelessly
walking around playing blind to a game you found. you
have no remorse and I hate you. it’s a strong word but
these images and scenes in my head are absurd. you
watched pain drown me in misery and take over my life
endlessly. how could you use me as a pawn, selfishly
succumbing your evil demons. you admitted to the
dumbness, the weakling you are but not today your no
victim. you are the tooth that is rotten, the trash piling up
in the city, the bum under the bridge, the horse manure
on the ground, the puke in the toilet, the maggots covered
on your rotten food. yes you are the reason for this
outrage, the reason for this storm. yet when i look at you
i see no face but one of an extremely late dictate. you sold
yourself to the devil, now your asking me for your metal. i
am giving you the relentless pain i have endured and
suffered, but you know who you are and I need no name
because once it was you who played the game.

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