Because You Want Me To

You tell me that our love must end---
And we can be just simply friends.
A love I thought was pure as gold
was somehow tarnished, or so I'm told.
Some thoughtless stupid statement made
has caused my brightest star to fade.

Can nowhere, in your heart, for me,
just a touch of forgiveness be?
Words you took in hurting ways
erased our loving yesterdays.
And the guilty verdict handed me
questions too, your love, you see.

For, if love can never pardon hurt --
How can we assess its worth?
And a love that never can forgive --
From the start, is destined never to live.
And so, your pain, I can't erase
if forgiveness for me, your heart misplaced.

If I must go and leave you alone --
And never try, my guilt, to atone --
I'll live my life outside your eyes --
but never, my love for you, disguise.
All these things I'll do for you --
just because you want me to.

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