Becoming a young women with a broken heart

Your heart is like a melody in which ur heart skips, a beat a love temptation where you can’t speak because ur heart won’t let you
it’s driven by fear and anger where you’re afraid of getting hurt ,but who’s gonna hurt Me ? My mind has a way of hurting itself falling for people who don’t fall for me I look at my reflection in the water and ask well why do I feel this way because I chose people to come into my life that flit away like dust n fly away why do they go away and I sit there questioning why ain’t I enough but soon I realize I am enough more than enough than I’ve ever been

more than enough than I thought it’s just how People make you feel like less when your more than your worth but chu to have to realize and then again remember they might be living for now ,but your living for today tomorrow and years to come be your own lover love yourself and believe in your self that you can conquer anything even if they ain’t believe in you or love you you have the biggest advantage which is you so don’t get even because you already won the biggest lost was you

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My poem is about a young teenage girl thoughts after a break up she questions what’s wrong with her and questions where does she go wrong in the relationship and often gets into these phases where she feels all this outrageous feelings inside her and gives a lil insight about these feelings and how to over come them and comes to realization that hold her together and uplifts her energy