Bed of concrete

All these thoughts inside my head,
i feel the pain of what was said
as i lay in my concrete bed
i know you wish that i was dead

sorry, you won't get the chance
i feel alone as people glance,
and now the victim of your plans
each morning it is, with death a dance

i cannot try to tolerate
when all you've shown me is hate
you chose the youngest, seal your fate
and showed me how much of you is fake

the lessons learned when growing up
are lies about this world of love
i never realized only that,
you'd suddenly just urn your back

you want me dead, well that's too bad
now your acting like my "dad"
the end of my life is what you wish,
well that's not gonna happen, bitch

when number four betrays your trust
by giving into drugs and lust
you'll then see what i know is true
after all the times i tried to warn you

and now these words that you read
will haunt your mind for about a week
abandoned now, i go to sleep,
on this old pillow of concrete...

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Poetry about betrayal and consequence of trusting those in charge of ones care.