I have hit my head
On the frame of a bed
I must rest
So I can be my best
I must stay in bed
Rather get up instead
I can not watch tv
Won't someone visit me?
I can not play on the computer
I can not work with my tutor
I can dictate a letter
But reading doesn't make me feel better
I am REALLY bored
My being sick we can't afford
I must listen to doctor's words
But the restricted list is absurd
How long for healing must I wait?
It would be easier if I could self-sedate
I have some good times which imply
That I'm not going to die
Where's the end of this dark tunnel
Memories are still stuck in a funnel
When will my health return?
What must I do to earn
A period of total respite
From what has been a long, dark night?

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