bedroom walls @ nightfall

once again the time is 3AM flat
and you’ve found yet another way
to drag my slumber deprived fingertips
onto a keyboard recently dedicated to you
and our seemingly meaningless past.

my weak touch stumbles over symbols
letters that no matter how they are strung
will never be able to truly do you justice
will never be able to truly express
the hell you've made me go through
on this third thursday of august

because even after those four words
your idiotic smile is plastered on my ceiling
the way you touched me is on my skin
how you lied weekly rings in my mind
and the smell of your car and your bad habits
may eternally completely zombify me

so i will stay weary eyed and sleepless
grow rapidly more numb to you by the minute
until i one day reach the point where the details
completely fade into a safe locked subconscious
and i forget you said that you never loved me

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