Things came soon after...
Drowned thought floating on the ceiling.
Tainted windows bolted down,
Made to secure, yet they have trapped me in.
Light flickers, making shadows drool,
From place, to place --
Broken dreams and smeared memories,
All of which decorated the four surrounding walls
An air conditioner that coughs up dust and hot air,
It heats the melting room, it lays on the peeled floor.
On a shelf, books about life that no longer make sense,
With ripped our pages and drawn out pictures show.
Sweaty piled clothes on a corner, nothing is ever new.
A stench of defeated illusions and shattered love.
Overfilled trash can, there lies a fly and roach colony
Been there since last December, when life lost its glee
Inhabited yet deserted soul wanders in the tiny room
On and on, on and on, through the short perimeter.
He had lost his track of time, for batteries went dead,
And though sunny days and graceful nights had come,
It was not enough to take away his forever dread.
I found it hard to see me this way...

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