Bedtime Stories

In my childhood, every night, when it was time for bed,
After we prayed for God "my soul to keep,"
I still recall the stories that my mother often read-
To comfort me and help me go to sleep.
The bedtime tales she read to me were like a healing balm
When the monsters filled my childish heart with fright.
Her gentle voice comforted me and always brought me calm;
Her soothing words protected through the night.

When darkness came to frighten me, Mother was always there;
Her presence helped relieve each childhood care.
Her stories taught me to be brave, how to face every fear,
To rise and meet the devil's every dare.
I'm older and now Mother's gone; I'm in my senior years.
I have a loving Father up above.
When darkness falls and brings to me a different set of fears,
He loves me with a mother's kind of love.
He whispers bedtime stories in dreams that set things right
After I pray, "I lay me down to sleep."
Comforted by bedtime stories Father speaks to me each night
He lets me know my soul is His to keep.

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