Been their done that

It came to me easy but flew away fast trying to grasp it, no handle to grip.
My feelings so charged that confusion sets in .Why have I not noticed or seen all the signs. Returning to a place I thought I had finally left behind.
The uproar of voices that same fight again .A cycle, a given. A means to a end.
The idea of change ,straight, dead ahead , to see it before me, mesmerized in aw pulling me in. .Wanting it ,needing it , yet my feet are weighed down, every move a struggle every motion cruel, without release, holding fast ,my desires and passions shining ahead with dreams for a future something anew.
So slowly I journey eager, relentless, reaching out, not holding back, only to discover I've gone no where. I'm on the same path yet again. Reaching for something way out of view. Awaiting my chance, a final frontier. Hoping it doesn't pass me by ,while my head is turned so busy focused on the now. That same old path yet again succeeding on holding me back.

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