Been There, Done That

We've all heard the expression: Been there, done that
we may even have said it a few times our self
At its core, what it really means to me
is that you went away from home and came back
Back to your roots
You came back, essentially the same person,
But a wiser and more life-experienced person
You went wherever you had needed to go,
and saw whatever you had needed to see
You went and did all the things you felt you needed to do
and became the person you then felt you needed to be

Been there, done that
You soared into the stratosphere
on gossamer wings you glided back
You hit the ground gently
and got grafted back to your roots
And when everything got settled
you shook the sand from your boots

Been there, done that

You went and sailed into the unknown
had only your heart's compass in hand
Then came back unflinchingly strong
No more uncertainty
on most things you now know where you stand

Been there, done that
Reminiscing on all of the adventures you took
And from your memoirs perhaps one day you'll write a book
Declaring how you found love there
but you had made a vow to come back
Back to your first love

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