Beer Drinking Blues

Well I'm a good man with a bad habit

I can slam a twelve pack fast as any old addict

My alcohol consummation is now consuming me

I try to leave it alone but it won't set me free

It keeps getting tougher to do the things I want

It keeps getting tougher to remember what's going on

And I'm trying harder - even harder every day

But I keep finding myself slipping away

Back into the beer can where everything's going around

Back into the beer can finding myself going down

I wake up in the morning with such an aching head

Oh what a struggle just to get up out of bed

I've got the beer drinking blues and I don't know what to do

Now people tell me about the things I do

Oh I just can't believe it please tell me that it ain't true

Was I that awful ? Was I that crud ?

How can a person be so dam rude

To the person that he hangs with and paints the town red

Oh how I wish I could get rid of this aching head

Those beer drinking blues fill just like the flue

Rick Rhythm Williams

Early 1990 's

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