This writing poetry, I’ve found, really is a breeze
Especially if you’re writing just about the birds and bees.
They say a very nice release, not unlike when you sneeze,
Can be experienced in sex with relatively simple ease.
No man can say for sure if his wife agrees,
And when you start to think, by Jeeze!
There is the risk, perhaps, of catching some disease.
The thing with which he mostly pees,
You see, goes where she does her wees!
You’d wonder what the hell he sees
Between, and just above her knees.
I asked my father once, and he’s
Convinced, he says, that these
Types of behaviour, just like ze geeze,
Originated when we lived in trees.
Still, never mind who pays the fees
Or which one really holds the keys,
The truth, which everyone must seize
Is that to varying degrees
It’s done by millions of Chinese
And lots of people overseas.
By Jeeze, the bees might hold the keys!

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Word play with rhyming.