Before Doing Something ...

What is the reason, you left the hope of living,
But before dying, before doing something,
Create courage to live.
Maybe your mind is very hurt,
There is no place to live, but before killing the mind
Create courage to talk about heart.
On coming opposite situation,
You release river of tears,
But before drowning the light,
Create courage to grow in the darkness.
Joy and misery are the companions of life,
Everyone sings in happiness,
But before sunk in the ocean of happiness,
Create courage to fight with misery.
Whatever your demand, whatever you wants,
It is not possible at all times,
But before getting something,
Create courage to something lose.
Your past is also your shadow,
Whose memory not comes to you,
Before memorizing their memories,
Create courage to walk with your memories.
Wake up, now believe, weaker than you, know this,
Now before sleeping in the shroud of sleep,
Create courage to live in the eyes ...
Before dying, create courage to live ...

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