Before I know

The lines of glare shoot for my eyes,
And wearily I awake,
Breathing in the morning dew,
Taking in the morning hues,
But oh, how weary I feel,
As I squint at its ghoulish grin
And I, stand and await
A sleep that never comes,
But who am I to sulk and pine,
A man, that’s all I am,
And before I know, emblazoned I am,
With power so divine,
To tumble and crawl
Or to topple and fall,
A power so divine,
As soon as I manage
To utter some bosh,
Packed off I am,
To someplace, rather daunting and vile,
And yet, here I do,
Discover and ascertain,
Observe and explore,
Till the world before me lies,
Lying in wait to be tread
And before I know, I float,
Into a torrent of wilder thoughts.
In what I had discovered, what I had observed
I seem to have erred.
So I embark on the search for a new path
And set about on foot,
And before I know my thoughts flow,
By similar roads, similar streets
And soon enough, I began to seek
Similar havens, similar peace
And before I know, left I am
In a smaller world with smaller dreams
And I lie awaiting final sleep,
Till one day,
As tears broke the wisps of clouds,
Like a benevolent visitor, Death arrives,
And cradles me in his tender arms,
And I bask in this bliss and breathe in the fumes,
Of tranquil sleep, that spreads out its plumes.

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Fate and destiny laugh mockingly at us.....