Before the Sky Leaves

We walk in to the park and he is pulling me to the swing area.
The park looks kind of empty. No kids are playing near us.
He walks up to the swings and looks at all of them differently.
Then he stops and sticks his arms out.
He wants me to pick him up.
I slowly pick him up and put him in the swing.
I start pushing him.
And he is holding on tight the cold chain that is
attached to the swing, he was afraid.
I whisper in his ear "if you fall I will catch you."
the his smile came out again.
This time it was different. He had an objective now.
I'm pushing him, and as I push he reaches his hands up like
he is trying to grab the air.
He was laughing. His laugh always puts a smile on my face.
When I stop the swing he climbs out all by himself.
I'm thinking he wants to leave, so I start walking out of
the swing area.
But he is still standing by the same swing.
I ask him "you want to get back in." she shakes his head side
to side saying no.
Now I ask him "who are we waiting for?" He points at me.
I think he wants me to get in the swing. I ask him another
question "who's going to push me?" He points at himself.
I laugh but he was serious.
So I obeyed him.
I got in the swing.
He tries to push yet nothing happens.
Then he tell me "Take the sky before it leaves."

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