Before You Go

Before you go
Before you leave your memories behind
I want you to know
That in my heart, you'll always be mine
The words I never said
The letters I never wrote
The hurtful things I did say
And the emotions that I never let free
I'm sorry I couldn't give you more
There were secrets I kept
The past that I couldn't let go of
I never meant to hurt you
Yet you were the one who paid the price
You might think that I am selfish
I won't deny it because I know I am
I suppose its selfish of me, that I am letting you walk out that door
Just like its selfish of me to wish for you to come back
I'm sorry that I am like this
In no way do I blame you
In no way could I ever hate you
Instead, I want to thank you
Thank you for giving me the world
Thank you for saving me
Thank you for everything
I only regret that I couldn't return the favor
These are the things that I couldn't say
But I wanted you to know
Before you leave your memories behind
Before you go

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