Before Your Time

Things of old call to your soul
The rusted, the cracked, the experienced
Screaming and crying
For one touch
From your pretty little fingers
Run over my sharp edges
Make me smooth again
History says
Explore everything
Let your brain absorb the miraculous
History is a million stories
Painted into one person’s eyes
Have your own perspective
Look at things through the goggles of God’s Love
History is a battle
A never-ending argument of interpretation
You know this World
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
Give your experiences with boldness
Look back with ears open
Learn your history to expand your awareness
Eat this World up like you’re a hungry Lion
You’ll find all the answers
When you start looking from the inside
So don’t ever let anyone tell you
“Oh child, that was before your time”
When we’re all walking the same Earth
And Time is but a man-made illusion

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