Befriending the Darkness

Life feels so alone,
So many people around me yet I am stranger to all.
People passing by don’t see me;
Maybe the miseries are making me invisible.
I am searching for something that even I don’t know, maybe a ray of hope.
I am walking towards it, it is within my reach but as I about to garb it vanishes,
Leaving me alone in dark again,
that moment I realize that maybe darkness is not bad as people make it be,
maybe it is the only thing that sees you; terrifying most people, things which are a reality from which we want to escape.
Maybe those people were never meant to see my miseries.
But now I am okay with darkness, I stopped trying to get noticed from people.
No magic happened in my life, my miseries didn't leave me;
But I accepted what I am and not what the world wants me to be.
I faced life the way I should, I fought it, failed it many times but in the end I won.
I have many scars, imperfections to others but my for me perfections, my journey.
In the end, I am still that broken women who embraced herself and instead of being blind to the world, fights for her rights;
Maybe befriending the darkness was the best thing I did.

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