Beggar and rich

I was walking along a road,
A beggar was crying in voice loud,
“Give me some money for god sake,
I am real beggar; I am not fake”
“Who is generous? Who gives alms?
Who is kind towards spreading arms?”
He was lame and had dirty clothes
Give me! Give me! uttering from mouth
Some were giving, some were passing,
Some were abusing, some were harassing
A couple was mocking, saying him fool,
Beggar felt sad, but remained cool
Suddenly, a man appeared as divines,
With some food and number of coins
He washed beggar’s hand, served him meal,
Finished his task, and took to his heel
Then I asked beggar about that man,
“This stranger was angel or a human”
“He is angle” beggar replied,
“he can appear, he can hide”
He was a rich, finally, I found,
He helped poor without any sound

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