Weeping his cheeks he goes from man to man.
With his heart covered with desire to get some grain.
Still no mercy, still no gain.
He gets nothing but a sorrowful pain.
Walking on footpath,
Suddenly his eyes fall on the garbage pail.
He discovered the left of people's food thrown on the pail.
He tried to took out the food to eat.
But dogs were too rushed into it.
As they were too hungry indeed.
He had no chance to get some food to eat.
He questioned his fortune,‘Does he doesn't have right to live ?’
With the pretty pain,
He just forgot to live again.

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This Poems Story

I was walking in the street. Suddenly I saw a boy of nearly of my age begging for food. He was going from man to man in the hope that somebody will give him food to eat. But no one gave him , he just got scold like a street dog. Next morning I was shocked to heard that the boy was no more alive he was died of cold last night. This made me much upset. That's the story of Beggar.