So quickly, from the start that we now barely do recall,
Our long ascent to the peak seems so clear to all
Though blinded at times by the rugged roads taken,
Lest forgetting the struggles and urges to be forsaken

Time for a break and long glance below,
Such warmth and pride though their pace seems so slow
Trying so hard to guide and tell of the way,
Now hidden from our eyes, their path to us seems to stray

Returning to the task and unknowns still ahead,
We march up through storms with nothing to dread
What lies over that crest is a mystery yet to reveal,
However, the trek is once again the great appeal

Oh so near, do we follow the trail so straight,
Or veer our way before it may be too late
Now out of breath from the choice we make,
To our amazement the summit is only a rest to take

The distant view ahead selects our way,
As we again step just like that first day
Oft reminding each as we need to hear,
The pleasure is the journey and the beginning is so near!

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