Beginning Of Light

We're of broken hearts waiting for the match to strike again, that flame against our love typically hearing the screaming of yesterday, bolting on the pain of our thoughts pushing past the wall of negativity, hiding in the middle of darkness I believe in your love as much as you do. Trust the light of your indecisive yesterday and your darkness tomorrow is followed your shadow of strength. Reviled by the beauty of this. Thinking about driving the words of guilt into your eyes. I see now with my heart sweetheart you're in pain. I'll kill the pain with the kiss from me upon your lips. Glowing light hugging your soul I have always known that you are the beauty I've been searching for. I've seen it. That glowing every time I look through your eyes, I see your gorgeous spirit. Looking back into mine. Sleeping away the mind of strength. Awoken I've been from your spirit. I've never been able to relax before you. I'm alive now sin. Beginning of light. Awoken by you. Spirit smiles to yours I understand now that your the door. To everything I've seen, only wanted you and me. Forever in the dark, I'll hold you close, for every time you can't see I'll whisper to you softly , I'll always be here for you darling. You'll see. The dark will never be for thee. Thus my hand and heart will hold your beauty against me. Feeling the only thing I need. Your heartbeat against my heartbeat. How gorgeous you are. Sleeping away next to me. Every breath is a blessing. As you are to me my darling.

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