Beginning to Become

I was just like you, once a long time ago.
Bright eyes, sunned face, loving life so simply and so completely.
I thought of you, through the years, what it would be like
to plan for you, and how life would be.
I cried for you once I knew you were on the way, so
afraid of the mistakes I might make.
I longed to see you, after a stressful waiting game
and elated the day we met.
I was starstruck by you as they lay you on my chest,
we were both exhausted by the long journey.
I fell in love with you as I touched your nose.
I held your tiny hand and felt your heart beat on mine.
I fought for you in your tender toddler years. You
became an unopened book, I prayed for you that the chapters
would unfold perfectly.
I am guiding you, as your young years pass us by,
paving your road to your own adult life.
I am cheering for you, while pushing your limits,
while knowing your threshold, knowing your worth, and
wanting for you. the world.
I stand by you, trusting you, respecting you, admiring
you. knowing your journey is here.
You have just begin to become.

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This Poems Story

Autism spectrum children are special. So very different, their eyes see so much more than non-spectrum children. My beautiful son, came to me later in life. I was thirty-six and had developed a mindset already. He changed that for the better. "Taste those snowflakes, Mom!" "Oh your hair smells sooo good." "Take me for a walk!" Those times brought us both to new thoughts, new paths, and a new understanding. He has touched me, taught me, as I support his journey to a spiritual, glorious life God intended. He simply put is "beginning to become." Justin Michael Misialek, I love you to the moon and back. Love, Mom.