Beginning to Beginning

There once was a boy .
Who got all his joy.
For being alone in the night.

He just liked to dance.
And take off his pants.
There’s nothing that he could do right.

As age grew much quicker.
And his body grew thicker.
That boy had to fix up his life.

It wasn’t a bad life.
Or even a sad life.
He just had to start getting it right.

First year in college.
He goes for an outage.
When he spotted her, there on the floor.

She was like a Charlie’s Angle.
Standing there entangled.
Oblivious to his tiny, existence.

Well he was a boy.
And not very coy.
So he went over and stood, right beside her

But just when that happened
A fear came down cracking
And he could not even utter, a word.

But that was ok
It wasn’t his day
He’d find himself a way to catch her.

It was several months later
At the same place he met her
When he decided he knew how to get her.
Still just a boy
But a little more coy
He placed himself always around her.

A few hours went by
then he caught a smile in her eye
and he knew that he was just one step closer.
Rejections what scared him
but if you seen her you wouldn’t dare him
Because her beauty was unmatched by all others.

The only thing he would do
is dance like a fool
And hope that he’d somehow impress her

It was late on one night
when she called him with delight
to come over and sit right beside her

Shocked, how he’s feeling
bold, he was dealing
and he came and sat by her , appeased

They had a little talk
that quite honestly rocked
Right then the boy knew he just met her.

The girl of his dreams
would soon slip away
and he thought that he lost her forever

But just like before
she called him to her
so he approached her vacillate, in nature
As his happiness grew
and he knew she was true
acquiescence would soon turn to unequivocal

nine months it’s been now
and he loves her, no doubt
for many years to come in his future!!!

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