Our lives begin at the edge of a road
we must cross over, alone, towards fate.
The path laid before us, we know we must cross
neither knowing or seeing what awaits.

The path starts off smooth, that path beckons you
with a voice that is gentle and kind.
Each step that you take, anticipating the next,
while excitement and fear fills your mind.

Soon the voice that first called you when your life began,
tells you now that you must walk alone.
That beautiful voice becomes distant then fades.
It is time to make your life your own.

The path, once so smooth, that once urged you on,
becomes darker and harder to see.
Now littered with stones, you try not to trip
as you tip toe along carefully.

The path is your teacher, as time passes by
You've hard choices and lessons to learn.
When engulfed in the dark, you must conquer your fears
Only then will you know where to turn.

And too, you will see, up ahead someone stands,
with a voice that is gentle and kind.
Her smile speaks of peace, triumphant she waits,
It is she you'll eventually find.

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