Greatness has a humble beginning;
A river begins as a little brook;
Having great thoughts and ideas contained within,
Mere words make a book;
The tallest and most fruitful of trees
Have germinated from little seeds;
To make a difference in this world,
A humble beginning is what one needs.

Humble beginnings have created
Great kingdoms in ages past;
Laid firm foundations, built large empires;
Empires that have for ages last;
Greatest inventions were once tiny ideas
In the brain of the inventor, buried deep;
When man reached moon, his "one small step"
Was, for mankind, "a giant leap".

Throughout the inconceivable expanse of the universe,
There is one truth crystal clear;
Question it if you may,
And the only answer you shall hear,
Is that as tiny atoms have
The entire expanse of the universe created,
You too should make a small start
And soon a vast difference you will have made.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem many years ago at a time that I had the writer's block. I wrote three more poems in the hours that followed. This poem has been rewritten several times, each time modified and improved. The essence of the poem, however, remains the same. 'Beginnings' is very close to my heart, because it inspires me whenever I am at loss for ideas and words. It also inspires me in my day-to-day life especially when I am hesitant while starting something new. This poem is a published work.