Me, Myself, and I
Three in the same
One common problem
I always get in the way
Now, how to evolve them
My ego is huge
Adept like a blind man
I wish i could prove
What it's like to be my own man
Oh wait! That's what he wants
Individual and alone so continuously he taunts
You and her, him and them, even I
Separate from the world
Allows me to live in sin
I have to stop this madness coming from within
I can't focus anymore on what's making it grin
Taking control...
I can't because it's always going to win
So I begin to lose myself
Telling it to get lost
Owning that it is me and I am it
No matter what the cost
So I sit in silence...
Space. Between. Those. Thoughts
This life I live in no longer needs reactions
For those are the way to surely keep it active
Meditate to levitate
Transcend this state of mind
Happiness, Peace, and JOY I truly begin to find
Equal to my efforts are the blessings behind my action
Slowly but surely it loses my scent no longer in my faction
No longer nagging my life to be a CONSTANT NEGATIVE REACTION
But leaving me to be and now I have the satisfaction
Of being here
In this moment
Not worried about the caption.

-Tony Bones

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This Poems Story

The struggle of battling/ accepting the ultimate fate of ego in our lives and how I handle mine.