Behind a smile

By A.G.G   

Behind a smile.

My lips are filled with laughters and smiles
While my eyes are drained with tears and sadness
My heart is broken, for my mind is set apart
My body is outstay, for my soul is unsettled
My skin heals, but my heart still bleeds
For my body has been broken from the inside
Yet, smiles lies on my lips
People wish to be me, but they know not what is within
A sorrowful heart that is covered with laughters and smiles
For my tongue has tasted sorrow and my eyes has seen beyond
But my lips still covers the pain with smiles
But the smiles are still not enough to suppress the within
Cause happiness dwells not in my soul
And yet, people still wish to be me
Failing to see beyond the smile and behind the mask
Behind the mask that lies a broken smile
And behind the smiles that beholds a broken heart
So wish not for the smile has been defiled
For all the glitters are not gold and all gold does not glitter
Just a heart that bleeds and a smile that withheld
For behind the laughter is a broken child.

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This Poems Story

Is a story that relates more on our personal life in one way or the other. It's my self experience but also has some impact in most people.