Behind Closed Doors

When is it comfortable to speak what is really on your mind?
The voice hints the unwanted heartache that happened in that past
How it can detail every one like a reflection in a mirror glass
When sitting alone engaged with your thoughts
Trying to figure out ways that should’ve come about
Worst part I know solutions come but how they never came to be reality
I feel your pain always weigh heavy
Your voice slices through me such venom it’s deadly
That little girl who was hanging on that little thread of hope
Only to lose faith and become one who never has the high expectations, helps you cope
Protective layer you possess when among others
Trust issues that have you pushing away, smiling and laughing only a cover
Eyes that say more than you could when talking
Darkness comes when looking back at what caused this
The meaningful times that held those loving laughs
Conversations went on forever enjoyed them so much
The warming sense of a simple hug
Wondering how did you fall once you were at the top?
Tears fall...memories dropped
Part of the agony comes from the never-ending replay
To craving a father’s love
Lies hurt coming from someone who shares your blood
Promises never fulfilled causes emotions to flood
Mature at such a young age
The childhood you needed wasn’t provided
For that is a why young woman was made you were given a reason
Life goes on some bad and some good just like the seasons
Look ahead to the future never know what might come out
Take this trip going on a mystery route

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