Behind the Mask

By Kryssie   

I hide behind a mask of smiles everyday,
So you can't see the pain that I lock away

This disguise is worn so you will never know,
The amount of guilt that consumes my broken soul

Her suffering is a sick movie that endlessly plays on repeat,
Destroying any forgiveness that I so desperately seek

My tears flow freely when no one is around,
Stealing my breathe with every intent to drown

Hopelessness fills my lungs with despair,
But I fight to keep you blissfully unaware

Shattered and lost is my eternal fate,
For I am too far gone to ever be saved

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This Poems Story

The torture a daughter goes through when her mother passes away. She watched her mother, her best friend, suffer for months before she she had to take her off life support. To the outside world the daughter is coping ok but on the inside she's living her worst nightmare which she cannot escape. All the while she wears her mask no one knows the depth of her pain.