Behind These Walls

 I am hiding behind the walls of the ones who try to hurt me
For my protection they say they're there
But I can see they don't really care
These walls were safe so long ago
It feels like a lifetime just a moment ago
My safe havens turns to a prison in a blink of an eye
And I can't escape this hell I've made

They say
I've lost my edge, don't believe a word I've said
I used to be great way back in the day
But that man is gone and only a vague shadow of a memory remains
A memory you try to forget but you can't even remember the person you were before we met.
Everyone's had enough and they're all upset
But no one is more tired than me of this my shit

Take your seat, your up next
To tell the world what I fucked up next.  
All the signs say rough road ahead, stay in your lane, I'm so tired I need a bed
 I push the pedal to the floor, then swerve left, spiraling out of control, there's not much left
Keep on going til I can't go any more.
Then this will be dead and gone for sure
All blown out, can't see and laying on the floor
Why would you stay when your already out the door
your not the first, but your the last to jump this ship
Just like a rat you run and hide so scared of fate
I guess I'm the man that will stay aboard
Ride it out til the end until there is no more
I'll wreck this shitty little ride that we live?

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This Poems Story

An angry attempt at trying to explain how people change