Behind Those Eyes

Those beautiful spherical blue oceans in the sockets of your head
They remind me of a cool winters night with beautiful snow
The way they glow in the moonlight and show the beauty that's within
But that is just on the surface
Behind them is a world of love
I can see the emotion bottling up inside ready to burst
The emotions going down your face to your lips to form a smile
That is the topic of another poem
But as your lips lean closer
And I get lost within the depth of your eyes
They close as our lips touch
Behind those eyes is the bliss and ecstasy
As our lips entangle in a whirlwind of Indescribable joy
For an instant as our lips part I can see this joy behind those eyes
I see why your lips make the words I love you form
Now this of course is exaggerated
But in the opposite way because nothing can describe
No words can this feeble brain bare to understand
The joy in getting lost in your eyes
Behind those eyes is the girl I love
For a lifetime I want to look into your eyes to tell you how I feel
Baby I love you and nothing will ever change that

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