Behold Thy Destiny

By Da Poet   

Unmasked beauty dost rest within
silky smooth as porcelain skin
fearfully shrouded from mornings light
hide thy face lest shun thy night

Desperately reeling
thus awful feeling
wallowing weeping
doth cease to slumber
shouldeth thou rest thine head

Misery hath hatched
as quaint dreams clasp
thither beneath Charlotte’s Web

Endlessly seeking
yet never reaching
abandon left for rid

Thy ratchet features
unlike any creature
a nightmare not to bread

Come thee hither
scorn thy night
cast thy shadow
ye stigmatic sight

Mark upon
thou questrist quicken
feast thine eyes
upon thou stench dost sicken

Liken unto the frog turned Prince
suited sleided spill commence
resolve thy fare maiden
hie ere anon


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