Beige house, beige walls, beige feelings
My childhood home was mediocrity
No pictures, no life
Just beige
All the corners tucked and covered
No signs of living, no disarray
Just beige
Doors kicked in from fits of rage
Because nobody in my beige family understands my rainbow mind
My mother is beige
Everything in her life must be safe and neutral
No color can shine through or she falls apart
My father is a chaotic rainbow
He sees the colors so brightly he loses reality
He's not able to see the beige
My brother is opal
He cannot see any color but his own
He's selfish, cruel at times
Yet there are times when you can see his reflective rainbow through the black
There are times I wish I could be beige
So I could have regularity, consistency, peace
Society has tried to turn me beige
They load me with meds, lock me in treatment, fill my head with nonsense therapy terms
I was not born to be beige
I was born to be bright, unique, colorful
I will never settle for beige
Because I know that there are better colors out there

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