Being a Christian Part 2

Christians never marry someone
Who not believe
Cuz ya unsaved spouse
Might mistreat you
I let a Muslim back into my life
Allowed him to marry me
And since then it's been
Nothing but pain and strife
Now he wants to make a
Concubine out of his Christian wife
It's he's the devil himself
Trying to ruin my life
He's a Muslim,but Christ it's not right.
It feels like a jail house in
The middle of the night.
Muslim women&children
Stand up for your rights
But you can only do this
By surrendering your lives
To Christ
Everyday in this marriage
I thank my GOD for HIS protection
Because it is a constant fight
I know that CHRIST shed HIS blood
For every situation
And the power of HIS holy name
Is jurisdiction.

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This Poems Story

It speaks for it's self.Everyone I tried telling my story didn't want to hear how the heck me&my Muslim husband got married when I try to complain about the violence a face being a Christian so I can legally hurry to get of it. Well,he sent me a message on google hangouts.At first I didn't want to answer.I was stayin@a NYC shelter facing a slew of bullying at the time.I answered him.We met in the area and he begged me for another chance,but kept refusing my no.We got back together.He called it "TO RESCUING YOU". He stayed at a single men's shelter. The agreement was to get married,get into a family shelter cuz you can housing faster. Little did I realize what religious violence I was getting myself into.I experience 1rst hand how violence Muslim men can be especially when it comes to their hatred against CHRIST&HIS CHURCH.He wants to still be with me and be with this woman@this women.Biblically it is wrong and I'm here to take a stand for my faith in CHRIST and for my life.