Being Alive

A world full of people going from 9 to 5,
The truth is that money has never truly satisfied,
Because there is a difference between making a living and being alive.
There are adults chasing dreams they never really had,
When they dream of what 'could have been' they grow sad,
They didn't chase their own dreams, they chased mom and dad's.

So kids are walking through school just trying to survive,
Every opinion of themselves makes it feel as if a part of them has died,
Because there is a difference between being accepted and being alive.
Teenagers think that the only way to escape is death,
They don't know much we care about every one of their breaths,
And now memories is all their families have left.

I see a struggling artist trying to share the idea he has contrived,
Someone calls him worthless and he completely rethinks his life,
But there is difference between being understood and being alive.
All he ever really wanted to do was be heard,
But with a sneer comment his entire future became blurred,
He was hurt by the thing he once used to heal, a word.

Lately it feels like our entire society has crossed a line,
If there is an end to this downward spiral I think I'll need a sign,
It is become harder and harder to define being alive.
Maybe I'm just taking these things and being a little melodramatic,
Because when it comes to ideas I guess you could call me an addict,
But when people bring me down my mind if nothing but static.

Maybe we can stand with those who have lost sight,
To find our dreams again we must be the blind leading the blind,
Because there is no difference between chasing your dreams and being alive.
All it takes is one person to chase their dream,
It could begin with a whisper or a scream,
Maybe this society isn't too far gone to be redeemed.

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